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March 08, 2010


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Bali Hai

I'm sure whatever you plant there, it will be lovely. I'd avoid planting out magnolias and sweetgums like they're annuals though, but that's me.


And what I find so dispiriting is that, often, those cookie cutter gardens actually do look better than my higgelty-piggelty interpretive dance of a garden. But every spring I think 'This year it will all come together!' and I order seeds with the greatest optimism. (In fact, I'm embarrassed to admit I was doing that just today.... oh dear.)

a thousand shades of twilight

Balihai: Thanks! You've always been very kind about my garden. If I forgo the magnolias and sweetgums, I may try some redwoods instead...
Elizabeth: But your garden is lovely, and just the sort of garden I like! I've finally realised that those cookiecutter gardens are usually owned by retirees who have time to cut their lawn with a nail scissors! Keep up the seed-planting optimism, dear!


Hahaha--too funny.

I'm trying to write a response, but I just keep cracking up. Pound of flesh--ha.

I do like the crazy garden aesthetic, and I'm sure it wasn't thaaat bad--or was it? Well, either way, the beautiful thing is that you can start anew, or not. You certainly make a nice bastardized garden image for your blog, maybe continuing down that route might serve you better.

Oh I don't know what I'm going on about.

As an aside, I have fantasies about throwing my phone in the ocean. When I was in Paris, I didn't miss my phone for a second, or the internet for that matter. I'm tempted to make it last, but I'm single! And, unless you have any better ideas, I'm inexorably tethered to the communicative facility that the horrid phone medium provides.

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks Lizzie! I'm quite fond of the crazy garden aesthetic too! Perhaps one day the rest of the world will catch on...sigh...
I have the "ditching-the-phone" fantasy too. I wish I could come up with some better ideas. Carrier Pigeon and/or smoke signals may not have the desired effect!



Really artistic photo. Your tastes as always are impeccable when on the art topic...thanks !

Jonathan O.

Good luck with your new garden , hope you take good care of it


nice work, never heard about Arthur Fiedler before


Pff, I'm kind of pissed people don't hear about Arthur. He is such an incredible artist...

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