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January 09, 2010


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Haha--you're into pluck, huh? Maybe you could play your 80's faves on the banjo.

I have to agree about the naughts. What an age to...come of age (in my case, at least). At least the naughts were named appropriately.

And, Dear M's picture is gorgeous. I'm so glad I have your collections/work to fawn over during these gray slushy months.


I am still laughing over the idea of clicking on what I think will be M's blog and finding myself lost among the Bahai community! Strangely dressed people would descend on me like friendly piranhas, Seals & Crofts would be playing on a constant loop, and I'd be searching futilely for for M and his lovely pictures.

1. fie on all upstarts!
2. Write!!!!!!
3. I really truly read it as the dowager who lost her jowels! I thought, 'Oh, he's such a funny man... losing her jowls...' Then I reread it.

a thousand shades of twilight

Lizzie: But its folks like you that give me hope for the Naughts! :) I like the idea of plucking the 80s. I may work on "The Warrior" by Scandal next. Glad you like M's pictures. I am of course biased, but think that his eye is unfailing!
Elizabeth: Ha! You would have thought I'd finally taken leave of my senses once and for all and was trying to convert you perhaps. I actually had the link in there ready to go and it was only when I clicked on it after posting that I realised what I'd done!
Losing her jowels? You're the genius for coming up with that -I love it. There could be great scope for misunderstanding by a bumbling old fool: "Lost her jowels, you say? I thought she'd be pleased of it!" etc


Tell Dear patient M. that (idiot that I am) I can't figure out how to comment on his blog!

a thousand shades of twilight

I seem to be having trouble commenting on my own blog - I'm sure I posted a response but it's disappeared! I will pass that on to M - you're not the only one having that problem. I'm sure he'll be chuffed that you tried!


Love the BaliHai blog.

a thousand shades of twilight

Hi Jacinta- nice to hear from you! Will pass that on to DPM!

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