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December 13, 2009


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Glad you're back, LLUAS!


Your public has missed you! Come in, the water's warm :)

I also really like your new picture and color combination--it feels good to have a little makeover, no?

a thousand shades of twilight

Thank you both!! I have been enjoying both of your blogs. And, yes, Lizzy - I swear, I feel like a new me! Amazing what a little cut and colour can do for one..


You look divine and almost fully recovered from the traumas of moving (though if that's M., he's looking a little long in the face these days. Hee hee).

It's lovely to have you back on line!

a thousand shades of twilight

Aw, thanks dear! It's good to be back! :)
(PS "A horse walks into a bar..." is one of my favourite jokes..)


Isn't that John Cleese? Hm.

Isn't that the one that Dawn French tries to tell to "Alice" in an episode of Vicar of Dibley?

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! That's perfect. It IS John Cleese - he's even got the bandage on the head. He's saying to the horse, "I may have mentioned the war, but I think I got away with it.."

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