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August 31, 2009


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As a very dear man I know often says, "Wheeeeeee!"


Dearest Thousand Shades,
I miss your posts! (We know you're busy and everything, moving house and whatnot, but your public needs you.)
How are things?

a thousand shades of twilight

Hi Lizzy! Thanks dear!
I keep meaning to get back to this blog. Typical me - I have to be a creature of routine because once I stop something, I tend not to start it again. It's a bit like Coyote running in the air and looking down!
Everything is really good here - surrounded by boxes and stuff still, and feeling nervous about going down the home renovation path (I feel like I'm hopping on a train that will be very hard to jump off!).
Hopefully I'll be back blogging by the New Year. In the meantime, Dear Patient M has started a blog (balihai - there's a link on the side!) which will, I'm sure be much more stylish than this one!

Hope you're good. In fact I'm going to go and check out Oh Sasquatch right this minute...


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What a lovely description of your summer which sounds so perfect in many ways. I'm off to check out your early morning photos. xo lj

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