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June 21, 2009


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1. Adore. Adore. Adore.

2.There's a lot to be said for blind obstinacy and a having flair for the dramatic gesture. Most people just aren't sufficiently committed.

3. Thank you. I am.

a thousand shades of twilight

1. It really sneaks up on you, I found! It is rare that a movie makes me teary, but this caught me off guard. The rest of Paris, Je T'aime is a little patchy, but I am glad I saw it to see this alone.
2. I'll be leading the charge!
3. You're most welcome, ma'am!

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He witnessed the street demonstrations, which were rapidly growing in size and intensity at that time. He reported on the strains of anti-Semiticism and xenophobia emerging in the protests. He claimed that the street protesters were fighting not only the Shahasdf, but also “global hegemony,” the array of external influences and strictures governing daily life for Iranians.

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