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May 03, 2009


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i'm moping too, with you, across the sea.

a thousand shades of twilight

Oh, darling - hope your Monday wasn't too bad, and your mope short-lived! A mope-ette, perhaps..
(Nice to hear from you!)


Work is always so much worse when you're anticipating returning to it, isn't it? Once you get there you just sort of grimace and bear it. Hope your work week isn't too grim...

I've been in a post-viral mope ever since being hit by the plague, so this is perfect for me, poor little broken butterfly that I am. Actually, I've been cranky too, so I'm a cranky broken butterfly. In fact, I'm almost waspish!

a thousand shades of twilight

Yes! That's so true! I get dreadful Sundayitis and Mondayitis, which is so silly as it is all a state of mind, really. As the weekend approaches, I get a spring in my step. Why can't I just spring earlier in the week?

I really shouldn't whinge - poor you and yours have been plagued by a genuine "itis". Glad to hear it's passed, and all things considered, I'm sure some crankiness was warranted..

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