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April 27, 2009


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I shuddered when I saw the Venus and the daisies for the first time in years. I used to laugh at my grandmother for watching this show but secretly was fascinated by its banality and 'elegant economy'. If only you could show us Glazbrook and Pammy...

a thousand shades of twilight

Yes, Ralphie Boy, this one was for you my darling! I got a shock when I saw how crappy the Venus and Daisies looked. I remembered Copperplate writing and Boccherini!
You would be surprised at how little ToE is actually available on Youtube. Then again, maybe you wouldn't...


"Sometimes in Paris the sun shines, even in autumn..."

"Isn't it marvelous the songs that Irving Berlin has written and made people feel happy and sad and glad and blue, OFTEN...."

It's obvious that a younger Jaye had her heart broken by a Frenchman one rain-soaked, Irving-Berlin- soaked Autumn in Paris.... She's been self medicating ever since.


Whoever convinced largish women that wearing long, garishly printed house dresses would make them look artsy and bohemian should be severely punished! Poor Sybil. She looks twice as large as she actually is in that ... thing.


PS - Veale Gardens! It makes me think of those 50s meat-flower arrangements in Glen H's photo stream.

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha!! I know! Of course I was drawn to the vein of melancholy in poor Jaye's ramblings.Your description of Sybil's "thing" made me laugh! Too true!
As for Veale Gardens, it's perfect isn't it? I never went to that beat, but one of my friends who did (strangely, a straight woman) told me that it was like one big party on Sat nights. Guys sitting around with six packs of beer in their cars.Perhaps some of the boys used to bring plates of assorted cold meats..
There is something so "Adelaide" about this clip. Of course Adelaide has grown up a lot since then, but it always helps to try to understand where one has come from.


That is so Adelaide-cold meat platters and beer to a beat!Of course now Australia is more sophisticated-it's shushi and chardonnay!;-)

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! I'm not sure if Adelaide even has a beat anymore - it doesn't seem to have any gay bars left these days (apart from Mars), which I discovered to my dismay a few months ago. I need to get out more..


I wonder if the notorious Les Patterson on ToE is on utube. The show was also known as "crutch of elephants". Ahh Adelaide, I like to think this aspiring genteel world still exists.

a thousand shades of twilight

Wow! Sir Les + ToE is a match made in heaven! I did not know about that. I love "Crutch of elephants". Thankyou for sharing your esoteric Adelaidean knowledge with us! :)
As much as shows like ToE annoyed me at the time, there is something very cosy about them, isn't there? I'm not sure if that Adelaide still exists, but there must be pockets. Not naming any suburbs, but I suspect that those pockets may be found where there are rose gardens and Queen Anne furniture and those blocks of red brick units with white 'colonial' trim...Bless!

Karena (Magic Jelly)

Ha! It's so baffling to see that now! Lord knows, I thought it was crap back then, but didn't quite realise how crap it actually was. Look at the way Jaye's schlumped on that awful sofa like she's in her own (probably North Adelaide) living room watching Falcon's Crest with her hubby or something. And she's obviously taken a fistful of 'ludes before the show. ToE had the production values of amateur porn - for example, all the background noise & shaky camera - in fact, I think it was shot at Jaye's house & the floor crew were nude, & they all jumped in the hot tub after the show & drank sherry & discussed the blueness of Parisian skies & Jaye's hatred of soup until the wee hours when they finally ran out of coon & cabana on sticks (Jaye's guilty, & not very elegant, pleasure).

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! That's spot-on, and very funny!

Like you, I didn't realise at the time how crappy ToE's production values were. I didn't realise that Jaye made it all up as she went along! Also, seeing that snippet of the tacky statue from the opening credits was quite confronting..

I love the idea of Falcon's Crest (perfect!) + Coon (for the benefit of our international readers, a very 70s Housewife's Choice generic yellow cheese) + cabana + swingin', North Adelaide-style. I bet they all staggered on down to The Pink Pig afterwards..
I feel slightly soiled just thinking about it... I think I'll go take a bath...

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