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April 13, 2009


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Sheepy sez "Harden the f*#k up,Johnny!"

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha!! And what Sheepy sez goez..


Oh I know the feeling! There he is, sitting in the gorgeous Italian countryside (because the Holy Land is too dusty and depressing to paint) moping around with his bony bare feet thinking, "Jesus this, Jesus that. It's always Jesus. He gets all the followers and miracles while I go around dunking people in water. And then I'm going to get my head served on a platter! Should have gone to business school like my mother wanted me to."

And then later he thinks, 'Why did I have to want to write a novel? Revision is torture. Publishing is torture....' No, wait. That's me.

a thousand shades of twilight

Oh, that made me laugh - a beautiful summing up of this picture! John did get a pretty bum deal. It's not like he rose from the dead or anything either.

I hope that the revision is not too gruelling, my dear! :)

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