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March 01, 2009


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Well done. I am not a huge fan of phones either - especially awkward silences.


Call me. We'll talk about it in depth. (Oh I am such a card.)

I actually know lots of people who are phone phobic. My sister-in-law is in therapy so she can get over her loathing of phones and call her daughter who has gone away to college. Do you also hate to receive calls, or is it just the making of them that you hate?

As for festivals - hot, tiring, expensive, and full of whiney children, usually my own. (And see my most recent blog post for how I feel about running into people from my past....).

a thousand shades of twilight

Retrogoddess: Thanks! Yes, I prefer the visual cues of face to face contact. And too much silence mortifies me (even though I realise that people are sometimes just taking their time to chew quietly after I have disturbed their tea!)

Elizabeth: One of my favourite cards, at that! Queen of the Pack!

Therapy sounds extreme, but I can sort of relate. I kind of hate myself for being so self-indulgent and making it all about me and my awkwardness.

As for receiving calls, I have an ex-friend who was quite troubled and would drink and dial at all hours, conjuring up all manner of unpleasant mischief and abuse. It was so invasive, and for a few years my adrenalin would start pumping (out of a mixture of trepidation and anger)every time the phone rang. My mum has also said that she knows not to ring me on Monday nights as I am usually grumpy about work. A real horror, aren't I?

That said, I love receiving calls from long lost or far flung friends and family. Once we get started, I can talk for HOURS without realising it. And I love the invention of the hands free phone which means that I can have a bath and do the dishes and water the garden all the while!

As for festivals, it seems that everyone has their own brand of festival hell, doesn't it?

I look forward to checking out your latest blog, too!

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