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February 01, 2009


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Many years ago, on a sweltering evening in Beijing, the gorgeous Brit I was talking to began, without saying anything, to fan me. I have no memory of what we talked about (though I do remember that he had swoon-inducing Oxbridge accent). I just remember sitting at the dark edges of an outdoor party, the still hot night air, and him - fanning himself, fanning me. It was the most thrillingly sexy and romantic thing ever. So loll and think of that. Or, even better, maybe Dear Patient M. can put on a Mao suit, talk in a British accent, and fan you!


Oooh! That sounds incredibly sexy and romantic - such a small action on his part but so swooning just to think of it! I will get Dear Patient M on the case! Fortunately it has really cooled down now - we even had rain the other morning. M teases me because I keep saying: It feels like autumn already! (Autumn's my favourite season - predictably...). Every time I say that, we seem to be hit by yet another heatwave. But, this morning, the air is cool and fresh and I'm very happy about it!


Ugh - the heat!!! I'm in Sydney and thank goodness it has been a lot cooler this week.

a thousand shades of twilight

It's cooled down a bit here too! It's a strange state of affairs when one starts rejoicing at the prospect of a mere 30 degrees!

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