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February 08, 2009


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Another one I can't believe I missed! I have a feeling that the ideal viewing age for me would have been in my tres dramatique teens or twenties, when I, too, was gorgeously silly.

Watching the clip now, though, I found myself thinking 'Catherine! Il fait frois, and you left the kid in the car with the windows down!"

She was utterly incandescent, wasn't she? And he, lighting up his cigarette (which did make me giggle a bit) was SO smolderingly (yes, pun intended) sexy.

That song will be lilting through my head all day now.


Yes, definitely one for the young and swoony! It's so over the top. I actually found Catherine's character a bit annoying throughout (but she is so incandescent that all is forgiven) - and leaving that kid in the car is unforgivable! Presumably the music drowned out the poor mite's howls..
And Nino's character is also amusing - there are scenes where he's feeling blue, moping along the waterfront in a trenchcoat kicking things moodily...


I must be young and swoony! I want to see more of her big hair and his sexy smoulders. But I wonder why the kid in the car didn't make a run for it - all singing, no talking for a whole movie always made me jittery & looking for a way out - imagine if your Mum did it all day!

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! Yes, that kid is clearly not real! The problem with the singing all the way through is that it takes AGES to get through the most mundane plot details. Luckily there's lots of pretty things to look at! We watched The Young Girls of Rochefort last weekend and that was fantastic - nuttily exuberant! Yay! Lots of leaping about in public!

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