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February 22, 2009


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A tracking device attached to me would make for very tedious viewing, and if I were to watch the sad little show it made, I'd certainly run screaming out of the room at the claustrophobia of it all. But living it moment to moment, it's just life, right?

But there are those days, those wonderful precious days, where it all unrolls perfectly before you. I had a day like that with K a year before his last surgery. We went to see Frank Lloyd Wright houses, had a picnic, saw Lord somebody-or-other riding his horse across the lawn of his FLW house, spaniels trotting along behind them, wandered, gossiped, talked about art. Bliss. And when he was in his interminable surgery, I actually thought to myself, well, we had that perfect day this year. Whatever happens, we had that and it will hold me for a long long time.

I'm so glad you and Dear Patient M. had a day like that. And if my post nudged you toward it, then yay! I know you didn't find my earring because you would have said so and, having lost it at a beach in China, it would most likely have ended up on a beach in Northern Australia. Or perhaps it's part of the Great Barrier Reef now.... Anyway, if you do find it, even though it was 14k gold and natural pearl (there was a certain boy at the beach. What can I say?), it's yours to keep. You are, after all, my very favorite Australian ever, beating out such heady competition as one of my ex-boyfriends, the Brothers Gibb, Olivia Newton John, Helen Reddy, Kasey Chambers, AND Hugh Jackman!

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks for telling me about your day with K - it sounds lovely, and so memorable. Your blog did really make me think about what is precious to me, among other things, and nudged me towards the sea, so thanks!
And as for beating that heady competition, why thank you! I am blushing, and will feel secretly pleased if ever I come across one of them in the flesh! And of course, the feeling's mutual! If that makes sense, you not being Australian and all!
PS Do you keep in touch with your Australian ex(if that's not too nosy a question!) Intriguing!

a thousand shades of twilight

PS I just noticed the number of exclamation marks I used then. I think my tendency to exclaim is bordering on the pathological!!!


The Australian ex actually passed away a couple of years ago. He was a young prof of electrical engineering at Berkeley when I dated him. He later became a big cheese in computer technology (he invented some basic bit thingy that we all have in everything we own.) He became massively rich and I read his obituary in the NY times.

I have, however, immortalized him in a way. The villain in my novel is completely based on him. right down to the cleft chin and the dickishness hiding beneath a good-guy surface.

Petty? Grudge-nursing? Me? Noooooo....

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! I don't call that petty grudge-nursing - I call that necessary catharsis!

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