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January 18, 2009


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I'm sitting here this evening with my friend Lizzie. She was looking at her computer and chuckling away merrily. I finally broke down and asked what was so funny and it was you! She'd found you through my blog. Anyway, we both agree that this was hysterical and that we want a full book of these. If I knew David Sedaris or his agent, I would forward this to him/her/them immediately!


Of Kitchens, yolks and yokels! Who could ask for more? Pithy--well, let's face it, hilarious....Thank you for lighting up my Monday night! Elizabeth clued me into your blog and we both agree that you should write a dramatically-interpreted history book. Can't wait to read more. :)


Hi Elizabeth and welcome Lizzie - nice to meet you! Any friend of Elizabeth's is definitely a friend of mine. I am really tickled pink that you like my warped little histories (Lizzy, I think 'Of Kitchens, yolks and yokels' is a terrific alternative title!) and am honoured by the Sedaris reference. I must say, though, that these things practically write themselves - it's all down to the bizarre facts and Parade magazine's overblown style!
Anyway, your comments made my day! I snuck a look at them while at work, and it improved my mood for the afternoon.
Happy inauguration too!

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