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January 25, 2009


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What a surprising, and surprisingly beautiful, combination - Cohen and Antonioni. Hope the concert is, at least, some of the things you want it to be.

I saw Patti in concert when she was young and I was young. It was overwhelming. When she sang "Gloria," I screamed like a girl at a Beatles concert. Magic. I'd forgive her anything.


Glad you liked the Cohen/Antonioni combo - I did too! I am pleased to report that I loved every single second of the concert. LC was just so amazing, and so inspiring in his commitment to his artistry. And so entertaining, and warm and funny. He looked like he was having a good time. Fantastic band and backup singers/collaborators too! All those people who say he's really depressing are missing the point. It was sublime, and uplifting!

I guess I never doubted him as much as my ability to connect to things.

As for Patti Smith - needless to say I am pea green with envy - I probably would have fainted with excitement myself after a hysterical fit - but how wonderful for you! What a great memory. I'd forgive her anything too, and feel that she has the same kind of inspiring commitment to her work as LC. Her fervour hasn't died, she may have mellowed, but hasn't sold out, and is as outspoken as ever. Yay!! Yes, magic is the word for both of them. They remind me why we have and need and should cherish our artists.


I'm so glad! Sometimes concerts I'm really excited about fall flat, probably just because I'm so excited about them....

Who else is on your must-see list?


Hi E - I somehow missed this comment and your question until now! I have had that same experience too, and it puts me off seeing live shows, especially those of people I have admired for a long time. The other (living) person on my must see list is Gillian Welch. I think she'd put on a good show. My sister took my mum to see her last time she was in Australia (not Adelaide!)and my mum sent me a very cute, excited text from the pub. I was pea-green with envy! And amused at the idea of my Mum being in a grungy pub.How about you? Who is on your list? i remember you enjoyed Rufus Wainright? I'd like to see him too - I think he's going to have a long and illustrious career, so I'm sure I'll get the chance one day...

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