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December 08, 2008


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A lovely and accurate tribute! And yes, I felt vindicated when I found out you and the other 'kids' were putting on a show! I knew I was right, and I'm glad.


I have been known to instigate New Year's eve family talent shows. One year I dressed up as Elvis and lip synched "My blue blue heart" which ended with such a moving demonstration of broken heartedness (I lay on the floor and sobbed) that my youngest burst into tears. Not that I'm at all like you or anyone in your family.... And by the way, how DID you sleep? Oh dear! Maybe I should get you a softer pillow or a warmer blanket.

Your mum sounds like a dear. I so love that she sweetly (in most unwolf-like fashion, no doubt) informed you that she runs with the wolves! But perhaps you and your sibs are the wolves she's thinking of. And your final line is the stuff of my parental dreams. If my children grow up to feel that way about me, then I'll know I've lived well.

a thousand shades of twilight

Ralphie: Thanks, love! What can I say? You were a trooper! I still deny any involvement in amateur theatre, as heartily as I may enjoy watching it:)
Elizabeth: That's a great story - I know that Elvis has a special connection to your family, so it seems fitting! It's sweet that your youngest was so moved by your evident heartbreak. It reminds me of a story we were ribbing Mum about, how when she was a school librarian she dressed up as The Snow Queen and wore blue lipstick which made the little kids frightened and tearful!
As for my sleeping, let's just say: "I slept wonderfully, thanks"...
Yes, Mum is a real dear. I'm sure that there were times when she secretly wished that her kids were quiet, neatly dressed churchgoers who worked in banks. But she assures us she wouldn't have it any other way. With conviction too!
As for you own kids, I have no doubt that they will feel that, and more! They're so lucky to have you for a mum!

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