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December 14, 2008


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May I just vent for a moment and say I hate philosophers and their philosophies? My father-in-law is a philosopher and a crazier, more self-centered man you could not (and would not) hope to meet. There. I feel better now and can even admit to a teen-aged flirtation with the Monsieurs Sartre and Camus, and some deep tete-a-tetes with Mme. de Beauvoir.

But, finally, I'm more of a bloke on a flow kind of person. Some of us float alone. Some of us (e.g. me) keep pulling more and more people onto their floe. But we all call back and forth between our floating islands of life - 'How's your mum?' or "Sharks over there. better go this way...." Sometimes we even send frivolous gifts because if something that makes me laugh also makes you laugh, then we've knit our floes together with the bond of laughter.

I like the title (S)existentialism on ice! Sounds way more fun than philosophy (in its hobnailed boots and humorless dark clothing) skulking down the cement sidewalks of the gritty city, sitting in dive bars smoking serious cigarettes, and thinking serious thoughts.

And as for JPY, didn't he also write those deathless words, "Every time you go away, you take a piece of me with you."? That's very much the bloke on a flow school of thought - my floe is finite, so your removal of yourself from it lessens it.

And as for SJP, she's just a gal in a cab. Which is similar to a floe, but less dress and shoe ruining.
Sooooo I'm completely confused! Goodnight!

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks for your comments, Elizabeth - I love them! Whatever philosophies your father in law is espousing, they don't seem to be working. Perhaps he needs to have a big old re-think. I couldn't agree more about philosophy - it seems rather self-indulgent and silly, and quite a strange career choice. Or, as we say here, a huge wank. I don't have the patience for it and would rather get on with living and enjoying myself. I'm all for accepting and, to the extent that it is possible, embracing the mystery and messiness of life.

I love what you wrote about us all being on our own ice floes. You're welcome on my floe any time, darling! Our floes have been long knit together by laughter and it feels like we are close neighbours in Floeville. And just imagine the scope for gentle prankery on all that slippery ice...tee hee!

As for JPY, just to add to the confusion, I believe those words were actually written by the English Paul Young (simply known as PY), but I love the sentiment!

I also love your description of SJP as just a gal in a cab - it is the withering understatement of the year. While I wish her no particular ill will, I must say that her appeal has always been somewhat elusive to me...

Anyway, dear, keep warm and sleep well..

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