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December 21, 2008


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I wish we could have you here for our Christmas eve dinner where silliness reigns and nothing is ever perfect: my mother is here, and she always tries to make polite, intelligent conversation, which my husband tries to respond in kind to, but I always make fun of both of them; the youngest one talks nonstop, and frequently it's pure nonsense*; the middle daughter (the special-needs one) is happily dismantling the sofa or sneaking Christmas treats; and the teenaged twins are beautiful and well behaved, but giggle whenever I tease my mother or husband, only egging me on to further teasing. It would be lovely to have you and M. adding to the bedlam. xoxo E

*Just a moment ago, she described in detail everything she ate for lunch, because I'm her mother and, of course, I must be fascinated by all things her. Then, after I asked her to stop clicking something over and over, she started singing, "It's tooooo clicky for Mommyyyyyy."


Well, I'm here at my Sister's with two highly excited nieces and my Father. Earlier this evening I was treated to a diatribe of what's wrong with The Government, This Country, the Human Race, nay, The World, for about the four squillienth time this lifetime (thanks Dad, Happy Christmas to you too!. I'm trying to work out how I'll negotiate the 4hr trip (bus-train-two buses) back home on Monday with three bags and a hat-box (gift)three times bigger than my head...Oh Joy!
Hope you are making the seasonal most of it, lluas. Virtual greetings winging their way as we "speak"!
P.S. Saw "Deal or no Deal" when I was in Tasmania. Frankly, I'm not surpised the presenter was found grovelling in the gutter. Maybe it's just a fashion, but it a penchant of celebritydom...!


In fact, you have three readers.

I hope you had a nice time with Mark's parents on Christmas Eve and a happy day the next.

The nursing home shindig was everything I could have hoped for you'll be pleased to know: we feasted on overcooked vegetables and a few slices of a meat-like product helped down by a full half can of Hahn Premium light. Xmas Eve was spent at David's friend's house where I waxed lyrical with a chatty middle-aged lesbian for about two hours and played X box with a demanding six year old. I also feigned appreciation of the biggest backyard rock wall I've ever seen. I even took a photo.

a thousand shades of twilight

Elizabeth: Thanks for sharing your Christmas Eve with us - I can just picture it. And, oh, how we'd love to share it with you. I can just picture your mother making polite conversation only to be schpotted mercilessly by her irreverant daughter. And the different personalities of your four daughters. It sounds like a nice kind of bedlam, and one I'm very comfortable with!I hope you all had a lovely time. It must be nice to be a little less worried about husband's health!!
We'd like to make it the the US one day - not sure if we're ready to brave a winter yet, but hopefully we'll get there one day soon-ish! Lots of love and happy holidays from us both xx
Gabi: Hello there! So nice to hear from you! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us also!I hope you came up with some novel responses to Dad's diatribes, if only to amuse yourself. Also can picture you on the bus, hatbox and all. I hope it wasn't too traumatic. As for AOK from 'Deal or no deal', I'm sure it will do wonders for his career. Aussies only see that kind of behaviour as a plus. A bit like when Rudd admitted to visiting a strip club in New York. Enjoy the holidays and thanks for reading the blog! xx
Duncan: Hello Number Three! What a nice surprise! I am glad to hear that you had a swinging christmas. Do I detect the faint whiff of disappointment? Perhaps it's just my imagination. Some of my best friends are chatty middle-aged lesbians. Being Adelaide, I probably know her. As for the rock-wall, you are nothing if not polite. Good on you for taking that picture - I'm sure you made someone's day. 'twas good to catch up, and hopefully we'll see you in Sydney soon! :)

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