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November 09, 2008


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Once again, I am a philistine! I have never seen either version. Didn't see the original because I had no TV at the time (though I remember it was much talked about). Haven't seen the remake because it's not a kid's movie (sigh)!

My shortcomings aside, reading this makes me understand even better why I like you so much. Reading about your youthful pashes reminds me of my own unrequited adorations. And dating the wrong guy? I could write a book on it (but it would be a really really boring and depressing book, so I won't). And that line you wrote:

"I am just the type of dude who has to get everything out eventually, as those who know me will wearily attest."

That is completely and utterly me (except for the dude part). My nearest and dearest have always rolled their collective eyes when I get going. And my poor husband .... well, let's just say there is very little in either of our lives that I haven't explained and clarified to him!

But if everything comes out, then everything gets dealt with eventually. It can be messy, but with people like us, once the silt settles, we offer our loved ones clear pools with no hidden dangers.

Anyway, I'm so glad you have found your sane, happy, and safe harbor in the long-suffering M, and he in you.

a thousand shades of twilight

Firstly: Philistine? Never!!
Secondly:Thanks for your lovely comments, my kindredly-spirited darling. I have read your account of some of your dating experiences on your blog and could totally relate. But I'm glad to hear that it sounds as if you too have found your sane happy and safe harbour in dear Mr Elizabeth!
Thirdly: As for being less than repressed, I've learned not to fight it as the more i fight it, the more likely i am to spew something inappropriate forth in inappropriate best to get it out in small controlled doses. Here's to over-sharing!
Finally: I think that if anyone could write that book on dating the wrong guy and make it not at all boring and depressing, it's you!

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