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November 02, 2008


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There is a DVD in this house which I haven't seen yet - although have seen the film and play a few times.

We're waiting to host a WAOVW drinking game , if we can rope in a few imbibers and designated drivers.

a thousand shades of twilight

Oh, Boynton, that link is GENIUS. They have picked out all of my favourite quotes eg "I dance like the wind"! "Hey SWAMPY"! "I don't bray"! etc etc and the Gallery of Evil is most inspired. Do you know anyone who has played this? It would be interesting to know which character, on average, gets the most bladdered.
Mind you, my constitution aint what it used to be and I fear that if I drew the Martha card that I may, well, die or something...


I am a terrible former English lit major! I've never read or seen this play! I have, however, seen my inlaws in actions, and they're like this every night (the drunk and mean part, not the ineffable beauty part). So, is that good enough?

a thousand shades of twilight

More than good enough...Unfortunately real life brawling drunks are rarely as glamorous, erudite and entertaining as the Burton-Taylors, are they?
What I like about Albee's play though is that, although he really posits love as war, it's not totally nihilistic - there's some kind of release at the end.
That said, definitely not a first date movie...

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