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November 23, 2008


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First of all, I kept expecting Ms. St. Cyr to choke from all the upside down eating of fruit! And the thundering rider who never, ever arrives! What wonderful silliness!

And more importantly, I'm so happy for you about your new job! Dancing! To records! That go around at 45 rpms! How incredibly fabulous is that! (So many exclamation marks!!! Yikes!!! Too much happiness here!!!!!)

Hope you both have a wonderful time on the trip and that the time with family and their manias is good. And if you do loll around like Ms. lili, just be careful not to choke as you toss your head back and fling your hair around!


Thanks so much, dear Eliz!:) Thanks for being so happy for me, and the exclamation marks (which you know I love so well!!!)Glad you appreciated the clip - she looks quite awkward at times,doesn't she? There's one particularly unfortunate squat that looks as if it might end badly! Anyway, best fly - I must go and pack my veils...
Thanks again!

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