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October 26, 2008


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My first thought was that M. Sibelius is miserable because he has a bad case of Japanese beetles (as do my roses).

I went through a romantic composer phase when I was younger. It's pretty and dreamy and there's nothing wrong with pretty and dreamy. And you and I are as one re Wagner - boring, pompous, and so many thought problems!

I'll put the husband on the Famous-critics-sculpture-garden search. In my mind I see it as if it had been designed by Edward Gorey. Ruskin is there, looking totally pissed off because Whistler got the last laugh.

I love the image of you in your Kaftan whistling Christian standards. The Christian right is closing their eyes tight and screaming!

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! I like the idea of the Gorey-designed Sculpture garden - it really made me laugh. The thought of Ruskin being pissed off at Whistler is genius! If anyone can find it, it's your husband - handy having a resident strange-and-alarming-sculpture expert on hand!

Ah, I am sure that to the Christian Right I am the poster boy for the Slippery Slope, "When Good Christians Go Bad!" etc etc, the kaftan-wearing pinko faggot subversive that I am!

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