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September 21, 2008


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Cassandra Ann Colquhoun

Hi Stevie-cakes, remember me?! I found your blog on Magic Jelly & decided to have a read as an alternative to dying of boredom at work. The story about your grandma is just about the nicest thing I've ever heard. I forsee you keeping me from falling into the jaws of death (by boredom) of an afternoon. Cass xo
PS - oh how I laughed when I read about you falling on your bottom in court!! Tee hee!!

a thousand shades of twilight

Yay!!! Hi there Cass!! Of COURSE I remember you! So nice to hear from you. Hope the UK is treating you like a Queen and that we get to see you here some time. Glad you liked the thing about my Grandma - it was nice for me to have a break from whining about myself..
You would have enjoyed the falling over I'm sure - it's always funnier in a very serious context..
Thanks for dropping by, darling! :)


If I remember correctly, Cassandra Ann Colquhoun, you did the same thing at the Arts Theatre. How we all laughed!

a thousand shades of twilight

Ralphie, so sweet of you to use a lady's full name like that when referring to her public humiliation..


I love The Lady Killers! And I love your grandmother! She sounds like an absolutely perfect grandmother. I hope someday I can be a grandmother exactly like that - making the people around me feel like the sun shines out of them.

Also, all of you "like Hungry Hungry Hippos around the small side table." That is so perfect I'm already trying to figure out how to steal it! (No, no, I won't steal it. Well, I'll try not to.....) And "an apple beetling about on two matchsticks." Just brilliant. And she taught you the Sheik of Araby on top of everything else. I officially adore her.

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks so much Eliz! I thought you might be a Ladykillers fan! And I must say you already make people feel like the sun shines out of them!
I neglected to mention that I love my Grandma to bits - I think that was probably self-evident from my tribute. She would have loved you too - invited you in for a nice cup of tea and a natter about gardening or needlework or children and grandchildren! She was a funny old thing. I almost posted a photo of her watering her garden, yoda-like in her mop cap, but I felt strangely protective of her!
PS As I've said before, anything of mine is yours to use as you will - I'd be honoured! It's not stealing if you ask!;)


I love nothing better than a nice cup of tea (milk and sugar, please) and a natter. As you know, my own grandmother wasn't a terribly cosy person and her cups of "tea" had a more sedative effect than your average cup of Darjeeling. Your grandmother sounds so lovely. "A funny old thing," seems like a wonderful thing to aim to be someday.

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks, Eliz. Here's to being funny old things! :)

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