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September 28, 2008


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You're a braver man than I, to face the embarrassing Janis Ian question! I vividly remember one night working at a restaurant on Castro Street. It had a juke box, and one of the customers, a bereft and slightly deranged looking woman, kept playing "Jesse" over and over again.
Remember the refrain? "Jesse, I'm lonely. Come home." And it seared my heart because, of course, I was desperately, miserably in love with the lyingCheatingScumbag who was always tomcatting about and never home.

And I never realized it till now, but there IS a Peter, Paul, & Mary question! It's not just Puff, but all their those sad, but approachable, folk songs. "500 Miles" or "The Boat Song." They made that crazy folk music approachable. If I had an ipod, they might well end up on it.

For me there's also a Joan Baez question....

And as for those weeds, I find it's best to wait for a long time and let them get lulled into a deep sense of complacency. Then, when they think they've got you beat and aren't expecting it, go on the attack. But you don't want to be to precipitous about it all...

Finally, I must say that I have an absolute passion for Marvin Gaye. But it doesn't shock me that you don't. He's awfully ... well... straight, to put not to fine a point on it.

On Pet Sounds, though, you and I are as one.
Anyway, I've prattled on enough. It's off to bed for me. xo E

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks Eliz! Ah, yes, I remember 'Jesse' well..'I'm leaving the light on the stairs' etc. etc. That poor woman. It's quite the perfect song for someone entangled with a lyingcheatingscumbag. From what I've seen of Ol' Janis lately, she seems much happier since she came out, and actually seems to have quite a good sense of humour..

I, too, have a big Joan Baez question!! I could have easily included her on my list. Hearing her music now reminds me of my mother, who was a fan. Joan B's another one who seems to have a good sense of humour these days. I enjoyed her impressions of Dylan on the Scorsese documentary immensely. I always found 'Don't look back' hard to watch, because she was clearly so smitten with Dylan and he knew it, and could be so dismissive of her. She came across as an earnest bookish girl trying to fit in with the Cool Kids and be wild and free. I could kind of relate. Fortunately, most of us get to work through our obsessions with the wrong guys without a bloody film-maker following us everywhere..

I like your advice re the weeds. I have images of a sudden, frenzied pouncing motion - savage, but, unfortunately, fated to be short-lived..

As for Marvin, don't get me wrong - I think he's fantastic. Such a beautiful voice, not to mention, sexy to boot. And I like individual songs on What's going on? such as Mercy Me. I think I just never gave the album the attention it deserved - I listened to it as background music, which gave the impression that the songs were indistinguishable from each other. It will definitely be going on the I-POD, though! I think it will lend itself to that more intimate form of listening.

And as for Van, I do have a soft spot for the song Madame George! And I like 'Hang on to your ego' on Pet Sounds.

Anyway, I love your so-called 'prattling'. But enough of mine. It's off to bed for me too!

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