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August 10, 2008


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I love the 'my boat is drifting' clip, very melancholy.
Hope you're feeling better and you don't drift too far in your boat!


She sounds lovely, with her cowboy hat, her thumbs up attitude, and her floral dresses. I can imagine that an estate sale like that would be, in a way, an extended remembrance of her - like a more casual and fun memorial service.

Can there be twins - of different ages, genders, and on different continents - separated at birth? "Go tell Aunt Rhody" is one of my favorite all-time songs. I grew up with and can sing the entire contents of an old Rounder Records LP of Jean Richie singing Appalachian folk songs. There is something about them that is so weathered and worn down to mystifying resonant perfection. "She died in the mill pond/Standing on her head" makes no actual sense (why would a goose stand on its head?) but I know exactly what it means and can see it perfectly.

Anyway, as M & M say, Keep a-rowing, dear. I will too, and maybe our little boats will meet one day.

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks my dear Ralphus!! Never fear, I'm feeling safely moored..

a thousand shades of twilight

Yes, Eliz - there was a really nice, unmorbid atmosphere about the whole thing. I must say it helped me keep my silly upset stomach in perspective.
I love that you grew up on the Appalachian folk songs. I seem to recall us discussing hillbillies previously? Some of those songs are so mysterious, weird and sad, which makes so much more impact on a kid than the happy ones. I used to fret about Aunt Rhody and her poor goose. You're also right about that line "standing on her her head" - it puzzled me, and was quite comical, which was inconsistent with the melancholy tune..
Ah, my dear, I hope our little boats will meet too!! I have a feeling that they will one day..

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