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August 24, 2008


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NOOO! I should have helped you start the thing, I know it's very hard at first especially since I haven't used it for a year (because it's so hard to start...).

a thousand shades of twilight

Thanks Baby - I'm sure it's just that I never believe these pieces of technology will work for me and give up too easily! I curse myself. As you can imagine, the worst part of that story has nothing to do with the whipper snipper - it has to do with the ubiquitous "JOAN"!!!


But it's all worth it, because it made me laugh. That's all we care about, right? I think you need to write some kind of book about the melancholy humiliations of your daily life. We'll all laugh our heads off at and with you, it will sell millions, and you can pay lawn boys to start that whipper snapper (my goodness that sounds saucy!).

a thousand shades of twilight

Aw, thanks! A book about the melancholy humiliations of my daily life? I wouldn't know where to stop.... it would be longer than Proust's novel!!;)
And, yes, lawn boys!! Hurrah for that! Now all I need is some lawn!


A book sale is fraught with danger. Love the quotes and description of the sniffing people with scarves and Germanic glasses, they seem familiar... Have you seen what the artist Katherine Hattam has done with Pelican book covers?

a thousand shades of twilight

Jacanegra: I'm sure our paths have probably crossed at various booksales around town. If ever you see a tall beardy man wearing a scarf (unless it's 40 degrees) (and sans German eyewear), who looks more interested in the cover than contents of a book, come up and say hello! It might just be me!:)
I was not aware of Katherine Hattam's work before - when I checked it out on google, it took me a while to find the Pelican link until I zoomed in a little closer! She has a nice, relaxed style to her painiting/prints, doesn't she?

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