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July 08, 2008


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I think it's time for me to reread those books! Some of the funniest books ever written. Do you like Saki? Same period, same sense of silliness.

Kidney and bladder pills! Such sad sounding words - Kidney and bladder, kidney and bladder. Oh dear, I feel the old neuralgia coming on....

a thousand shades of twilight

Yes, Elizabeth, I agree that they are some of the funniest books ever written! They made a pretty good TV series adaptation in the 80s too which we have watched on DVD. My "M" only recently introduced me to Mapp and Lucia and I have embraced them wholeheartedly, having just finished reading the whole lot the day I made this post.

I read a collection of Saki stories many years ago and thought they were great - so elegant and dark and funny. I do remember being faintly alarmed at the number of old ladies who got gored to death by bulls and the like! But I was such a delicate flower back then and am so much more robust now! ;)
Anyway, my dear, best fly. Au reservoir.


Further cheer can be obtained from James Beresford's "The Miseries of Human Life" (first published in 1806). A good friend bought me an 'adapted' version which promisingly starts on the jacket with a quote; "I cannot say I am lucky enough to see any fun in living and breathing". It's full of grizzling little morsels, complaints and moans about life. Opening the book, I see one snippet that might prompt some memories of yours, dear S; "To be seized with morbid and irresistible sleepiness, while in conversation with persons who have every title to your respect." Tee hee...

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! Ralphie, I can't wait to read that book! I am currently reading "Diary of a Nobody". What is it about these titles that are so appealing to the likes of us? Must go, nodding off..sleepy..zzzz

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