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July 27, 2008


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Karena (Magic Jelly)

Is that how you watched 'Supermodel'? Makes reaching for the chips a bit tricky!

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! Yes, all that could be heard was a soft moan:
"Make... (crunch)..Tyra...(crunch crunch)...stop...SCREAMING!!! (crunch crunch crunch!!)

Pastor Future

I never saw a home doctor in this position, but that's how I imagine them after a long day of listening to the whines and vague complaints, real or valid, of their early 20th century patients. Looks like this doc took a nip too much of the morphine-laced Dr. Fahrney's Teething Syrup. Who can blame him. Sadly, I never looked this composed on a Sunday night, but was usually a quiversome mass of wine-oozing protoplasm. Now that I've switched to life-restoring IPAs both my oozing and philosophy are much more hops- evident, and both conditions arcane and prospects ailing are more holy-istically treated (more ale!) than ever before!

a thousand shades of twilight

Ha! That teething syrup sounds like it's just what the doctor ordered! I am glad to hear that your new treatment appears to be agreeing with you. I had to google IPAs and the result which made the most sense was International Phonetic Alphabet. Sorry, what I meant to say was India Pale Ale. Is that correct?
Truth to tell, I am not usually this composed or dapper myself..he should be sucking his thumb!


I, too, find this a useful position and assume it all too frequently!

I like how he's all curled up in his three-piece suit, his shiny work shoes, and resting his head on a little ruffled pillow!

a thousand shades of twilight

Elizabeth: Ha! Yes, perhaps he's an efficiency expert and sleeps in his work-clothes because he has his morning routine worked out to the last second. The ruffled pillow is dear, isn't it?
This is actually a recommended position for seasickness! It's more dignified than slouching over the boat's railing, I guess!

Donna Lethal

I love these books! I have a physiology one from 1910 that says we're mainly comprised of "gelatine" and ash.

a thousand shades of twilight

Hi Donna! Thanks for dropping in! :)
I love these books too. I am very surprised to hear that we are mostly gelatine and ash! I will never eat any gelatine-based products again..

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