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June 15, 2008


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You're the only other person who has said precisely what I think all the time: that the thing I love most about middle age is the invisibility! I love not being assessed and accosted, and I love not having to work so damn hard to LOOK cool. It's been hard watching my teenaged daughters go from carefree tomboys who would wear anything as long as it was comfy, to emo queens who roll their eyes at anything that doesn't fit their ever-evolving definition of cool. But Mavis's rosebuds and ballet slippers will turn, all too soon, to floral pantsuits and sneakers.... and, I guess, both phases have their own loveliness.


Yes, I'm so glad that you knew what I was getting at! I must admit that when I was posting that entry I had the horrible thought that maybe I'd ALWAYS been invisible and was just delusional that anyone had ever noticed me at all.... :)But I do know that I spent an awful lot of time 'noticing' other people as a youngster, and that the chances are that others were, for better or worse, doing the same in return!
Yes, I'm sure that Mavis is living in pantsuit heaven as we speak. I used to think it was depressing that old people ended up all looking the same (eg the ubiquitous rinse-and-perm, sensible shoes and shapeless frocks). But now I realise that perhaps those oldies are on to something in that THEY JUST DON'T CARE which frees them up to think about the Big Questions!!
As for emo, I've never gotten to the bottom of it! I've never met an emo who has actually admitted to being an emo. If you ever fathom the mystery, please explain it to me....

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