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June 15, 2008


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How have I missed this movie? I definitely went through a European film phase, but somehow this wasn't in it. Must rectify!

And yes, don't we all have our own bearskins.....


There are very few things that I would recommend unreservedly, but this is one of them! I watch it annually and it just gets better with every viewing. It's a very humane film, and strikingly naturalistic given when it was made. It has had a torturous history, being banned as decadent and lost and released in mangled form. I think it was finally restored in the 60s and influenced a whole new generation of film makers. It's very clear that Robert Altman was influenced in making his ensemble pieces, and in fact Gosford Park's setting and characters are remarkably similar - it almost feels like an homage to La Regle du jeu.

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