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June 29, 2008


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attractive: ditto your answer. Though I might qualify for "chiseled" in a Michelangelo-didn't-quite-finish-chiseling-it sort of way.....
extrovert/introvert: Yes
Temperamental: You don't know the half of it!
Optimistic: What? Can't hear you. I'm too busy knocking wood, crossing fingers, and covering my eyes....
worry? is constantly too much?
generous? to a fault, and I mean the "fault" part...
Jealous? How could you ask? Oh, despair! I know you love those other question answerers better!
Boring? Ask my teens!
understanding? If you speak English (or basic Chinese and French).
Patient. NO.
I have come to the conclusion that I am a very tedious person and must start reading Oprah magazine and doing everything it tells me to do so I can become a fascinating billionarairess.


Ha! Elizabeth, I love your answers! And no one could ever accuse you of being a tedious person. Well they could, I suppose, but they would clearly be deranged and would have me to answer to! The thought of you reading Oprah Magazine and doing everything it tells you fills me with alarm. Would The Big O's plan for success involve shouting alot, giving people cars and having a lackey called Gail?


I read that Tyra Banks (and her 250 smiles) is being labelled "the New Oprah"...


Note to self: Must start watching Tyra show.....

Pastor Future

I love that this is a quiz from 1968!


Thanks all for your comments!
Eliz and Ralphie: From what I've seen of Tyra, she is eminently BARKING! The fact alone that she has '250 smiles' seems to support this fact. But good luck to her! I never hold barkingness against anyone..
Pastorfuture: Yes, I would have thought that little has changed in terms of quizzes designed to make one doubt oneself and buy more magazines! Needless to say, there was more to the quiz than simply answering 10 questions. But it was late, and I was tired... I may include some of their sound advice at some other point!

Jerome Stueart

Love how the typescript keeps getting larger and blurrier as you approach "Do I WORRY TOO MUCH?"

Man, that was a funny entry. Keep writing!


Hey Jerome - thanks so much for your comment - it made my day! I (mostly) enjoy writing this nonsense, so I'm glad you enjoyed reading it! :)

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