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June 09, 2008


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I must say, I was initially put off by DP's earnest deep self examination (nothing will stop her, nothing), the laboured song titles and the Ambervision glasses, but you've sold me. I must hear her voice!


Thanks Ralphie! My, you are one dextrous rodent!:) I must say that I listened to "One AM phone calls" last night and was struck by the realisation that maybe I enjoy the idea of Dory Previn more than her music at this stage...some of that 70s honkytonk can really grate if one is not in the mood...But I will persevere. Often it's those albums about which I am initially ambivalent that end up really getting under my skin...
Thanks for swingin' by! I'm sure you'll experience the splendour of Dory's voice in the fullness of time :)


Now wait a minute, you never said anything before about 'honkytonk'...

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