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Recovering Melancholic...


Recovering Melancholic...


dancing, gin, blossom dearie, karen dalton, douglas sirk, raspberries, plants, crying, edward gorey, banjos, federico fellini, francois truffaut, the master and margarita, sulking, whingeing, self-flagellating, confederacy of dunces, the object lesson, folkniks, le regle de jeu, shelley winters, the world record club, judee sill, 'baby it's you' by promises, mapp and lucia, moominsummer madness, pan's people, herb alpert's 'goin' places', red brick houses, tapirs, little edie, maidenhair ferns, go-go dancing, thelma ritter, maude starring bea arthur, joseph hoffmann, edward bawden, luis bunuel, ELO